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My Journey with Newtreesya -Suwaytha

I started taking newtreessya last November and it's been months and I've seen so many changes, sometimes looking at the scale isn't something we should focus on during the weighing loss journey, but I did see my body changing and after trying it for months I've lost nearly 9 kg, yes I eat food controlled but not too strict just following the calorie deficit and also I do home workout but the thing that helped me the most was newtreessya.

Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not saying that working out was the main reason I lost weight; in fact, I've been working out for over a year and have lost weight slowly. When I first started working out, I didn't pay attention to what I ate, but now that I do, following both and taking newtreesya has helped me get healthier. If you are a first-timer, I would encourage you to join us on this journey.

Most of the individuals who work with us have tried newtereesya and have loved what it has done for them in terms of moving them to a healthier lifestyle. It is a crucial thing to do now that we are getting exposed to a variety of new illnesses, so we must protect ourselves. Why not invest in something like newtreesya, which can assist you in your journey for a better lifestyle?

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