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Are you Depriving Yourself of Full Meals? 

Choosing a meal replacement shake or drink takes thought. Whether it is a breakfast pick-me-up or a dinnertime supplement, Newtreesya has it all 

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Mixed Isolated

Soy Protein 

High In Protein. Reduce your sugar craving and helps you to loose weight 

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Botanical Beverage

High Fibre, Fight belly fats.

Aids in improving digestion. Blocks carbs

Botanical Beverage 

Controls Your Cholestrol 

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No colours, flavours, or preservatives.

A botanical  extract with lemon, pomegranate & barley 

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Protein is the Building 

Block of Your Fitness 


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Eating a diet with the right amount of protein ratio doesn’t just help you build muscle but lose weight as well

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Do you Love Lemons ?

If you are frequently skipping meals, then  Newtreesya's Botanical Beverage can be the option for you No heartburn, bloating and tummy!

Reclaim your beauty today. 

Are you a Chocolate Lover ?

Integrate this Mixed Isolated Soy Protein with Cocoa Powder meal replacer  in your daily routine for effective weight management. To add a personal touch, you can add almonds or your favourite food.

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