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We as humans have a routine that we follow from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. It is already too stressful with the life we live in,throw in some more unnecessary drama that has nothing to do with us and all of a sudden we are being dragged into it,the uncontrollable rage that arises is valid,and obviously we will be judged based on that.

People don't see the agony, the tension, the difficult journey, or the tears that you go through and shed, according to a saying, but they judge you based on only one thing: when you explode.

Anger is one of the most important emotions that we experience as humans. It's better to let rid of your anger at that time than to keep it bottled up inside. There are a variety of ways to release anger other than yelling or shouting at the source. We can consider such methods and then forget about the unhealthy ones.

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