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Want to loose weight in a healthy way?

Being healthy takes a lot of work, which is why finding shortcuts is often so appealing. Detox could be an easy way but it might be harmful to your health.

Newtreesya Fuels 
Your Body with the 
Right Meal Replacer

Our products are designed to help with weight control by reducing the amount of fat, carbs and sugar consumed, but still managing to provide other important nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants.

Have a Healthy Body, Not Calories 

Our products can control your hunger and provide you with nutrients, fibres, vitamins

and minerals through a holistic approach. 

Easy to Mix and Drink 
Botanical Beverage 

Wanna get your dream body then you can try this!

Simple, tasty and dietary fibre-rich drink to help you meet the recommended daily dietary fibre intake.

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Nutritious Meal Replacement 

We know that meeting your daily food goals can be tough when you're on the move. That's why we've created a high-protein meal replacement.A delicious chocolate flavour for a 100% natural weight management meal replacement shake.

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Fueled By Hard Work and Passion

Archana and Prem started this journey together determined to advocate health and wellness to the public through the right product. Concerned with the rising snazzy advertisement of detox methods, Archana was strong willed to educate the public about the danger of detox and that bright idea gave birth to the business.

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Hear What Our Customer Has To Say 

"I love the products of Newtreesya, it not only has helped me feeling refreshed, I get the experience of eating a full, nutritious meal, everytime I consume their product. I don't skip meals anymore and guess what I am productive" 


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