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Your body, your confidence

We are all built differently, and there are a variety of lovely body types to be seen all around us. Rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear and apple. We are all aware of this, yet for some reason we are unwilling to accept it.

We're obsessed with the ideal body type of a tiny waist, flat stomach, and lean arms, similar to the Barbie dolls that parents buy in stores for their children.

As ridiculous as the doll is, so are our desires for those ideal requirements. We need to accept our body shapes and learn to embrace what we have been given. Our shapes are what they are, and we can't change them. Why despise yourself when you can embrace and love yourself?

As I previously stated, no one is perfect, but you can be confident in what you have, which makes you much more beautiful than you would be if you had the so-called perfect figure.

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