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The Flame Queen

She sat on her throne while her followers knelt around her, knowing that their queen had returned and that she wasn't going anywhere. She proved that she didn't need a king to govern alongside her since she is as powerful as all the kings and rulers put together.

She sat on the throne that was built for her, a throne that was built for the rightful queen of flames, a title given to her when she was born, and it was stated that she would reign and be the first warrior queen, which she was. She did not begin to reign as soon as she reached adulthood, because a woman's authority is usually looked down upon, so she devised a strategic strategy to secure her kingdom. She began small and gradually climbed; she sought to make men dread her presence, and she succeeded. The sight of her made the men surrounding her tremble in fear.

She walked towards her throne with her head held high. The bickering and disagreement that had invaded the peace and quiet throne room faded, a slight ghostly grin painted across her face as she realized she had accomplished her goal. She is now sitting on the throne that she had earned and that no one can take away from her. No man will attempt to invade or cross her.

That was the start of the Flame Queen's voyage.

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