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The beginning

The castle was in chaos as the queen went into labour. The queen was the most powerful assassin who had ever walked the globe, and she had married the king, the strongest man on the planet, who was equal to her power.

The abrupt siren rang across the castle as she gave her final push to the heir. The king went out of the chambers with a final look at his wife, giving both of them a short kiss before leaving to safeguard his crown and family.

The queen held her newborn as the child opened its eyes, its piercing eyes looking at the mother, and the mother handed the child to her maid quietly and told her to flee, the maid, being a loyal member of the family, left without saying anything because they all knew a slight weakness had caused their downfall. Despite the fact that she had just given birth, the queen stood up, retrieved her sword, and waited. A piercing agony pierced her heart, and she knew her king had died. The door slammed shut behind her, and there stood the men she admired once.

"You will never achieve what you want, my child will live, and knowing how strong her parents are, she will walk and wield the thrones, she will be the strongest woman who has ever walked on this earth, and she will burn you to the ground."

The queen accepted her death as her so-called brother struck her, but she muttered something before her life left her body.

"Today, the queen of flame was born, and anyone who crosses her will taste her wrath."

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