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Social media controlling your life?

Are you the sort of person that wakes up and immediately turns on their phone and logs onto social media?

Do you find it difficult to put your phone down before going to bed?

Do you let social media judgments influence your thinking?

From day to day, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We can't imagine life without it. We feel like our day is wasted if we don't like a post. The worst-case scenario is that you become addicted to it and take everything on it seriously. In every situation, people pass judgments following judgments; it has become an ugly human nature from which we can no longer escape. The crucial question today is whether or not we should let these judgements, criticisms, and viewpoints into our daily lives. Why should you let others dictate your actions when you can just be yourself and be happy?

Make an effort to disconnect from social media. Allowing it to control you is not a good idea. Social media's goal is to make you feel connected, not alone. However, owning it and spending more time on it may result in it being more of a sickness than a cure.

You will notice the difference and peacefulness that I speak about if you try to limit your time on social media.

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