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You're cheerful, you laugh in the morning, you smile at everyone around you, brightening their day, and people know you as this bubbly, cheerful person that can make anyone's day better.

At night, after you've finished your day, you lie down in bed and begin to reflect on your life's journey, and the tear begins to fall unexpectedly. Your life has never been kind to you; the road you've traveled has been harsh, and it's been filled with hardship after hardship.

Individuals would urge you to share your sorrow with them, but you no longer do so, since there have been people who have promised to stay with you and be there for you in the past, but they have all betrayed you.

You're tired of everything going on around you, yet you keep going because you have people who rely on you and need you to be there for them.

How are you going to do it?

Overcoming your sorrow, doing what makes you happy, live the life you choose, do everything until you no longer need to put on a mask because you have already established a wonderful life for yourself.

The confidence you gain by proving to yourself that you can reach and achieve the life you want will last a lifetime.

Good luck to those who wish to hurt you.

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