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Private Life

Social media is a gift of giving and receiving, but there is a saying that sharing too much is not so wonderful. A lot of things may happen, we don't know who is behind those accounts and profiles, and we can't just assume everyone is nice.

As we all know, people make quick judgments as fast as we can pronounce the word. We can't do anything about it, so what can we do?

We can begin by controlling what we share on social media. For example, if we're dating someone, no one needs to know because dating is a trial and error process, why flash your trial and error process to the world who has so little information about what's going on in your reality, why not control what you post and maybe even if it does get serious, have a private relationship where people have no say in your relationship, no criticism, and you can even introduce the element of surprise to them.

Finally, the less you reveal, the better; you may share it once in a while but not in great detail; it's like playing a game with your followers, keeping them guessing what you do or what your goal is; remember, you never know who's plotting to ruin your life.

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