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It's a losing game if you lose yourself

When it comes to sentiments, saying goodbye has always been a tough thing.

However, there are moments when saying goodbye and waking up makes sense to you and yourself. Our lives have always revolved on satisfying the people around us, to the point that we are no longer an individual.

Is it worth living a life surrounded by people who don't see you as an individual and don't believe you have any feelings or anything? Most married women tend to lose their individual selves as they grow and commit to the sacrifices that they must make for the family. It is sad to see such from a woman who has a degree, PhD yet you are just a housewife, studied too far yet it is just a piece of paper now and people who you associate with don't know

It's good if this is a personal choice, but is it a situation choice, where you end yourself wondering what your life would be like if you pursued your own self even after being married?

Growing old does not imply that you should lose your sense of self. Family is important, but you should never sacrifice your sense of self for anybody since at the end of the day, it is what defines you.

Return to Memory Land and discover the true you, fall in love with yourself, and embrace yourself.

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