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We've all been through the time when we had to break free from our parents' protective shell and start venturing out into the world. In western countries, this term appears to be a common occurrence where parents will ask their children to move out when they reach the legal age of 18, but because we're Asians, our parents are protective, it appears to be normal for children as old as their late twenties still living unbothered. This is good; even I enjoy being surrounded by family while still stepping out and attempting to be as self-sufficient as possible.

The previous explanation is good; the issue arises when you fail to strive and continue to rely on your parents in certain areas of your life. You have no ambitions, no passion, and are basically living a sheltered existence. For those folks, why not go out there and make a name for yourself?

Go out and explore; there is so much that the world has to offer. Always keep in mind that you are the only one who can prevent you from doing this for yourself.

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