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Her blood was pooling on the ground, and she was staring in disbelief and realization . Her four advisors and closest friends stabbing her; knowing the power she now possesses and that there is nothing else they can do to stop her until she dies, they choose to kill her.

The queen was well aware that something awful was going to occur, and she was prepared since she knew the people who would betray her were close at hand. As she stands strong with her head held high, an uncontrollable rage surges inside her, and she removes the daggers without flinching.

"It hurts to see that the people I trust are the ones who want me dead," she remarked as her companions stared at her in disbelief. They knew she was strong, one of the strongest and the bravest woman in the world, but they didn't expect her to be conscious due to the wounds and blood loss.

I've been to hell and back and battled for my throne, with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears, and it's now in my reign, but I neglected to cut you out. Do you think I'm a fool for not knowing your plan? I've had it for decades but didn't want to engage on it since it didn't threaten my reign. But I can see what has to be done now," she said as she drew out her sharp sword, which the flame queen is famed for using in a more conventional manner than guns.

She slashed it across her four companions, some of them tried to fight and others who simply gave up since they knew they couldn't win. She stood there like the queen that she was as they laid down in their own blood.

She stepped out of the throne chamber, her robe flowing behind her as she ordered the servants to clean up the horrible mess.

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